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The winter of 2015 was a mild one. However by February 2016 the inevitable had happened and it had turn very cold, with a fierce wind blowing. Bites were hard to come by so I wanted somewhere that gave me half a chance! Farlows winter carp fishing can be fantastic, get out there and give it a go. Farlows winter carp fishing There’s so much choice when it comes to Farlows Lake. When things get tough on lake 1 then lake 2 is a great option. It’s a nice size – the fish will never be too far away. And whilst the fish might not be as big as on the main lake they are absolutely stunning, scaley creatures that are well worth targetting. I set up in swim 4 with the wind blowing strong and the temperatures in low single digits. I chucked a lead around to confirm that my preferred spots were clear. Now I know at this time of year we’re all supposed to be fishing singles or small bags but I opted to put a bit of bait in. Singles would have been much easier especially with this wind but I proceeded to spomb out about half a dozen spombs of pellet, crushed boilie and hemp oil. I had picked up fish earlier in the autumn fishing around 50yds to a small island. I decided to fish this spot again even though I knew it wasn’t that deep. I figured I’d give the spot a couple of hours and if nothing happened I’d move the rods into the deeper water where I thought they were more likely to be in these cold conditions. To my surprise the left hand rod in the shallow water burst into action! My Krill boilie tipped with plastic corn had been grabbed! I flew out from under the brollie that was protecting me from the wind. Farlows winter carp Above: A really nice dumpy common that was in mint condition – well that’s warmed me up! Picking up any fish at this time of year feels like an absolute triumph! After a couple of snaps I slipped the common back into the water. It was like a block of ice. I put another few spombs of bait on the spot, wrapped my rod out to the required distance and out it went again. Not much was happening on the right hand rod so I decided to recast this with a small bag on every 45mins to different spots around the swim to try and locate some fish. This worked after a number of casts but unfortunately the fish dropped off. I put just a few small spombs out every couple of hours on the island spot. I had to wait a while before the island rod was away again. I was into a decent fish, it was staying deep and fought hard but after a really good scrap I managed to slip the net under a nice mirror carp. I was so chuffed. Farlows winter carp fishing Above: Probably one of the most stunning carp I’ve had at any time of year from Farlows. The fishes dark, winter colours were very impressive. A smidge under 20lb. It’s easy to stay in the warm at this time of year. I was so pleased that my inner angler forced me out onto the bank and I was really please I’d chosen Farlows Lake 2 as my target venue. It got dark early, as it does at this time of year. I headed home with a smile on my face. Remember this was just a day session and the conditions didn’t look great. I’ll definitely have another go on lake 2 next winter. In fact, I might struggle to wait until then. Maybe a couple of sessions in the autumn too! Farlows lake 2 winter Above: One of the heavily scaled stunners caught in the autumn of 2015. The lake 2 fish are very special indeed. 


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