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The first trip of the season to Walthamstow and certainly one to remember! After a nice early common I then managed a P.B. 35lb 4oz mirror known as Elvis off the top! For me Walthamstow Carp Fishing is something quite unique and special.

There’s something very special about Walthamstow for me. I’m not sure what it is exactly. I think it’s the fact that it’s a piece of heaven placed inside an urban jungle! I managed a handful of sessions last season (2015) but I think it’s fair to say that I really had to work for the few fish that I landed.

Fishing Walthamstow is different to anything else I’ve ever done. It’s hard work. You’ve got to be willing to put in a fair amount of effort – moving around, trying to find the fish. There’s no night fishing (well the odd weekend but I’m not interested in those) and so you’ve got to make it happen within fairly short sessions.

Walthamstow Carp
Above: The view from the bridge that crosses the Coppermill Stream.

I arrived at the venue at 6am (the gates open at 7am). After a couple of hours fishing on the 2/3 reservoir it was obvious the fish were up in the water. I started to flick a few mixers out and sure enough after about 30mins I had them taking a few.

nash bolt machine

Above: The Nash Bolt Machine – my choice of controller for fishing floaters at mid to long range.

After a few casts I managed to hook into a decent common that really gave an amazing account of itself.

Walthamstow Common Carp

Above: Chestnut flanks

Walthamstow Fishing

Walthamstow Carp Fishing
Above: A stunning low 20 taken on floaters from Walthamstow 2/3.

Once the common was returned the fish started to drift away and so I went for a wander. I found a small group of carp on the surface on the number 1 reservoir and managed to get them feeding. After a while I introduced my trimmed down pop up on a Korda Kruiser Control hook length. I managed to fish at a reasonable range thanks to my trusty Nash Bolt Machine. One of the big mirrors came in and took the bait only a couple of minutes after being introduced.

Walthamstow Carp Fishing
Above: At a new PB of 35lb 4oz I was totally chuffed! It’s a known fish called Elvis and is the second biggest fish in the number 1, with only the fully scaled being bigger.

Elvis Walthamstow Carp
Above: Over the moon with this fish. I worked hard over The Stow and finally got my reward.

The fight was quite something on just a 10lb b/s hook length and a tiny size 10 Mixa hook.

At last, an old original. Elvis has been around for years and has been over 30lb for over 10 years. This is why we fish Walthamstow. Beautiful, old, English carp that any carp angler would love to catch. They’re just awesome.

Walthamstow Carp Fishing
Above: Myself and Elvis in Carp Talk, June 2016.

walthamstow carp fishing
Above: A special moment after 12 months of graft. Saying goodbye to Elvis.

I knew that I was moving to pastures new, which made this even more special. My attenion would now turn the the Fryerning Carp.

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