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In April 2017 we took another family holiday out in Thailand. It’s such an amazing country! Like last year, I was lucky enough to break away from the family for the day to visitย Can we go even larger than last year? Arapaima Thailand.

Exotic Fishing Thailand

Above: Exotic Fishing Thailand, quite a unique venue

I knew what to expect this year, I was so excited. After a very sleepless night I was picked up from the hotel early and driven around 45minutes to the lake. After a quick coffee and a chat with Mike I was out of the lake and casting at some very large swirls in the water.

Arapaima Thailand

Above: A beast of an Arapaima from last year. Around 180lb but can we catch even bigger?

We baited with sections of chicken and the rods where launched out into a few likely looking spots. Like last year I didn’t have to wait long! My left hand rod ripped off and I was connected to an absolute steam train. Even heavy braid and strong rods couldn’t stop this fish. The fight kept going forever but eventually we landed what I can only describe as a true monster!

Arapaima Fishing

Above: You could have put a saddle on it!

Arapaima Thailand

Above: At an estimated 200lb it was really tough for even 3 of us to lift this beast!

Arapaima Thailand

Above: With only half of it out the water we give up! What a creature!

After that amazing fish I tried really hard to add to my early success without any luck. Unlike last year the catfish didn’t turn up. I really wanted one of the largeย siamese carp but it wasn’t to be. Gives me a very good reason to go back next year ๐Ÿ™‚

Fishing in Thailand

Above: Not much more action but could be worse ๐Ÿ˜‰

Roll on next year!




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