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The main lake at Fryerning can be tough. 20 acres is a lot of water for just 50/60 carp. I had a blank night on left hand point on the main lake so I took a wonder. I found most of the lakes stock spawning in the shallows so I decided to look at the other lakes on the complex. The Valley Lake Fryerning has some nice fish and I found a few in a quiet corner at the bottom end of the lake. All the gear was packed away on the main lake and the stalking kit came out!

There were quite a few big dark shapes cruising amongst its surface layers, and so I decided a bit of stalking using floating baits was the best approach. It wasn’t long before a had a few feeding and within about 20mins I landed a lovely mirror around the 20lb mark.

Mirror Carp Valley Lake

Above: A cracking mirror not long after introducing a few mixers.

The fish only spooked for a short amount of time and it felt like I was going to get another chance. They were getting more and more confident as I steadily feed the swim. My Nash Bolt machine was cast over the fish that were at about 4o odd yards. It was then slowly brought back to where they were feeding. A big pair of shoulders came out the water and my hookbait was grabbed. I knew instantly that I’d hooked a big fish. It didn’t go crazy, in fact it was slow and heavy as it hugged the bottom. I couldn’t do anything with it … it was doing just whatever it wanted to do. It plodded about for ages in the margins. My floater gear is quite light so there wasn’t much I could do but wait for it to tire, which eventually it did. I was amazed when I look in the net to see a huge common, I’d just caught something a bit special!

Big Common Valley Lake Fryerning

Above: A lump in the retainer…happy days!

40 pounds

Above: The needle swings round to over 40!

Another angler came round who had watched the whole thing. He helped me weigh the fish which went a massive 41lb 3oz, smashing The Valley Lake record.

Valley Lake Fryerning

Above: Wow, what a beast!

Big Common

Above: In the water with a very special fish.

Valley Lake Fryerning Record

Above: The bulk of the fish was quite something.

Valley Lake Fryerning

Above: Saying goodbye.


Above: YES!!!!

Once the fish was returned I didn’t really know what to do next! Their were a few fish still taking floaters but all I could really do was sit there in shock, staring at the carnage around me!

Eventually, after about 45mins I decided to gather up my gear and head to the pub to buy myself a well deserved beer. Once again it goes to show that using your eyes, staying mobile and finding fish will pay dividends. This time it really did pay off in style! Don’t ignore the Valley Lake Fryerning. Everyone focuses on the Main Lake but the Valley also holds some gems!

More about the capture is on the Fryerning website.

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