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It’s early summer and the days are becoming long and hot. I’ve been having quite a lot of success floater fishing, one of my favourite methods. But the other day I decided to try something a bit different – fly fishing for carp!

I’ve been meaning to try this for some time. During the winter had caught a number of pike on the fly from my boat on the River Ouse. For this I had purchased a 9 weight fly rod, which would be perfect for fly fishing for carp. So I head to my local club water, armed with some Dear Hair Flies and a fly rod.

dear hair flies

Above: Dear hair flies 

The conditions are pretty good. I hope the lake is not busy because I know that this is only going to be possible from a few swims. It’s quite a small, overgrown little lake which does not really complement the space required for fly fishing. I spend the first half hour or so trickling in mixers to get the fishes confidence up. Eventually a few fish start taking. My first few casts are an absolute disaster! There’s bushes and low hanging branches everywhere and this is obviously going to cause me an issue. I continue to introduce bait whilst I consider my best point of attack.

Eventually I realise that there is a swim to my right that’s perfect. The cast was going to have to be out to my side rather than over my head but this swim had plenty of space to get the cast working properly. After a few casts I’ve cracked it. Getting plenty of line out and managing to get the fly well out amongst the freebies. There is a number of people on the opposite bank. I could tell that they had never seen anything like this down there before. I have certainly never seen someone try this down there (or anywhere else to be fair)!

korda hook length

Above: Korda Kruiser Control – used for all my floater fishing

When the first take came it was incredible. The rod was almost ripped from my hands as a decent carp grabbed the fly. The little road bent double – playing a carp on a fly rod was crazy. It’s like playing a fish on spaghetti! The fight lasted for ages and eventually I managed to get it in the net. On this gear it felt like a big fish but I wasn’t surprised when I peered into the net to see a modest little common. I chuckled to myself because that had been epic! I was keen to have another crack!

fly fishing for carp

Above: Caught fair and square on the fly!

It took a while to get the fish going again but after about 45 minutes I was into another. Again, the fight was fantastic on the light gear and again it was a little common.

fly fishing carp

Above: A chunking common caught on a fly rod – like playing it on spaghetti!

If you’ve never tried fly fishing for carp then you should really do it. How to make a pasty feel like a monster – play it on fly rod! The bits and pieces you need:-

  • A fairly strong fly rod
  • A fly reel noted with floating line
  • 10lb breaking strain leader of floating mono(I use Korda Kruiser Control)
  • A dear hair fly that are really buoyant and imitate a mixer perfectly

carp fishing on a fly rod

Above: Try it – you’ll love it!

carp fly fishing

Above: Nailed on a dear hair fly!

I really enjoyed my few hours fly fishing for carp and I think it’s actually a really good method. I have caught lots of big fish freelining trimmed down pop-ups in recent seasons. If I can get away without using a controller then that is my preferred method. Fly Fishing, in this way, allows me to get my free lined floater out even further than I usually can when free lining floaters in the conventional way. It’s something that I’m going to explore further next year that’s for sure.

So there you go, something a bit different. If you never get the opportunity to give it a go then definitely try it – you’ll love it!

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