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Just about every carp fisherman has heard of Farlows. Itโ€™s kind of become part of carp fishing history. Indeed, I first fished it over 25 years ago. A hell of a lot has changed since then. One thing that’s changed from back then is the introduction of Farlows Lake 2. This article covers an overnighter where we tried to unlock some of the gems in Lake 2.

In recent years I have fished Farlows mainly on socials. Lake 1 gets an awful lot of attention mainly due to the size and quality of the fish. Often overlooked is Farlows Lake 2 however, that seems to be changing as people realise how special the fish are in this lake. They may not have grown to the same size as in Lake 1 (yet) but they are the most beautiful scaley creatures you will ever see.

I have fished Lake 2 in both winter and summer and both times it has produced some fantastic fish for us. Thereโ€™s plenty of fish in here and we know they like their bait. So we pick a nice social, comfy double swim and go about getting some pellet and chopped boilie out to a mark around 14 wraps – so nice easy fishing ๐Ÿ™‚

So with all the rods out at a similar range on a nice big bed of bait, we kick back with a beer and enjoy being out on the bank. After just an hour I start to get some indications on my right hand rod. It was a bit twitchy and resulted in me landing a bream. An hour later and Martin (my fishing buddy) also lands a bream. Unfortunately it would appear that weโ€™ve put too much pellet in the mix or maybe we have flaked the boilie down too fine because right the way through the night we are landing bream every 30 minutes or so. By morning I had landed 14 of them! Having said that, we did land a couple of carp during the night. We were not disappointed – they were beautifully scaley fish – Just what we came for!

farlows lake 2

Above: Martin with a lovely scaley carp – just what Farlows Lake 2 is famous for!

farlows lake 2

Above: A stunning mirror of around 20lb taken during the night.

We kept introducing bait because we knew that it was being mopped up by the bream. In fact, no matter what we put in the bream were straight on it. Eventually we were just putting out whole boilies and fishing snow men rigs but I think our early mistake had just got the bream into a feeding frenzy.

It then occurred to me that I needed to bring my rods off the baited patch. I needed to ‘start over’ and place them away from where the bream were feeding. I cast them over to my right, well away from the bream, then scattered maybe half a kilo of boilie around all rods with a throwing stick. It worked! Only about 30 minutes later one of the rods ripped off and I landed probably the most stunning fish of the trip.

carp farlows lake 2

Above: Now that’s what we came for ๐Ÿ™‚

farlows lake 2

Above: An absolute belter. They really don’t need to be massive when they look like this!

So we had only landed a few carp on our quick overnighter but they were stunning. I was exhausted due to lack of sleep and we will change my approach next time. Iโ€™ve fished with these methods before on Lake 2 and not had an issue with the bream. It might just have been one of those things. Maybe we just caught them when they were really active and up for feeding. Having said that, next time I donโ€™t think weโ€™ll use the Ridge Monkey boilie crusher on here. I think this flaked the boilies down too fine. It kind of almost became crumb. We were also using a mixture of 6mm and 8mm pellet. I would probably go for a larger pellet in future.

scaley farlows lake 2

Above: The other side – oh my!

So that was the end of our enjoyable little session on Farlows Lake 2. I would highly recommend Farlows as a venue, particularly for socials. It has great facilities and some fantastic fish are there to be caught in both lakes.

Thanks again for reading.

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