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It’s fair to say that I’m at a bit of a loss when the rivers close mid-March. Through the winter, I will have been on the river consistently chasing Perch and Chub, and suddenly all that is taken away. Having said that, I’m all for the closed season. It’s good to give them a rest, and besides, I can’t imagine life without June 16th! So, without a river, it’s the Tench that saves the day! Late March is a great time to be out on the bank. The early signs of spring are starting to appear, and everything is starting to come to life. Early spring is a classic time of year to fish for Tench and this article is about my Tench Fishing in Hertfordshire in March / April 2019.

We’ve all caught big Tench while Carp fishing but let’s be frank, it’s really not the same when you catch them on Carp gear! For me, there is nothing better than watching a float slide away, surrounded by bubbles, knowing that there is probably a Tench on the end. I like to fish with a light rod and lighter gear to get the absolute most from the whole experience. And so, I started a series of short sessions to try and bag a few decent fish.

Tench Fishing in Hertfordshire
Above: You really can’t beat float fishing for Tench in early spring. Magical!

The venue is a local club water. It’s not a big lake. It reminds me of the sort of lakes I used to fish as a kid, and that’s probably the main thing that attracts me to the venue. I used to fish a small lake called Scaland Wood as a very young lad. It’s where my fishing kind of started. And so I look at this pretty lake through very romantic glasses. It’s got everything I want from a little pond – lily pads, overhanging tree, shallows, deep areas and a beautiful mature feel to the surroundings. On my first session, as always, I bait up a few spots with pellet and corn. I then decided to fish these in rotation. When I bait each spot, it’s at this point that I use the plummet to know the depth of each swim. This means that when I move into that spot I can set the float at the right depth straight away and keep disturbance to a minimum.

I had not been fishing long when a few bubbles start to appear around the flood. The float lifts slightly and then slides away towards the pads. After a very spirited fight, I have my first Tench of the season, and an absolute corker it is too.

Above: First Tench of the season! On the right gear these really do give a good account of themselves.

Another advantage to baiting several spots is that I can now move to a pre-baited swim. That fish had given me a crazy fight and had really disturbed this spot. This is a great tip if your sessions are short. You’ve not got time to wait for the swim to ‘recover’. Before leaving the swim I put in a bit more bait and would maybe come back to this spot once things had settled back down. Over to the next swim.

There is a very good stock of Carp in the lake, and you can’t help but pick up a few. Not that it matters because they are fantastic sport and it’s quite nice to catch these on float tackle. After only a reasonably short time in the next swim I land a really cool, dark little half lin. Cracking little fish.

Pretty Lake Carp
Above: Lovely little half lin! Still with it’s winter colours.

Onto the third spot. Again, only there for a short time and float flies under. This time it’s something a bit bigger, and I know immediately it’s another Carp. It’s eventually landed, a few pics and then back to fight another day.

Float Fishing for Carp
Above: A nice mirror, taken on float tackle.
Pretty Lake Carp
Above: Again, the colours are awesome.

That concluded that particular session. Only a couple of hours fishing and a few nice fish so happy with that. Next time I hope for more Tench, but it’s just nice to be out when things are starting to warm up.

The next couple of sessions were very similar in many ways. I was to pick up a few Tench but more Carp also the bank.

Tench Fishing in Hertfordshire
Above: Another nice Tench on the float

Some of the Carp are quite stunning and was really just having fun and enjoying my fishing.

Ware Angling Club
Above: Like a little hoover!
Carp Fishing Ware
Above: Another on the float!

In early April I decided to switch my Tench fishing in Hertfordshire to my syndicate in Essex. On a short session, I landed a nice fish. Lighter in colour than the Tench from the local pond but still fantastic fish to catch.

Tench Fishing Essex
Above: A decent Tench from the syndicate lake in Essex

I think next year I’m going to give Tench a proper go in March / April. I’ve started to lay down some plans to fish a different venue that holds some much bigger fish. Watch this space. Thanks for reading my article about Tench Fishing in Hertfordshire (and a bit in Essex). Whatever you’re fishing for I hope you enjoy your angling. Tight lines.

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