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In my opinion, one of the most devastating rigs when fishing for big Perch is The Ned Rig. Once you’ve found a few fish then this really is the rig to reach for when finesse fishing for Perch. This article covers how I use the Ned Rig and the Korum Squirmz to land Perch, including a huge 4lb 6oz beast in February 2020. All captured on video too, read on!

Big Perch Fishing

You can view a full video on my approach to the Ned Rig. The video also includes the capture of a huge 4lb 6oz Perch on a Korum Squirmz.

I’ve started to split my lures into two categories. I have ‘Searching Lures’ and I have ‘Catching Lures’. My ‘Searching Lures, tend to be Shads and Creature Baits that are fishing at a reasonable pace to cover plenty of water to try and find the fish. Once I’ve found some fish I slow everything down as I reach for my ‘Catching Lures’, these are often worm style lures fished on the Ned Rig or small Shads / Creatures on a Drop Shot.

the ned rig perch
A buoyant worm fished on a rounded jig head – the Ned Rig.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Zman TRDs, fished on their Shroomz style Jig Head. These comes in two main sizes but a whole range of colours.

zman trd ned rig
The Zman TRDs

However, there is a new kid on the block in the form of the Korum Squirmz. It’s hard to ignore what’s being caught on these following their recent release. They come in a single size and the colours available are either bright or natural. You get three in a pack (3 bright, 3 natural). These come already loaded onto a 5g rounded Jig Head.

korum squirmz perch
A few sample colours of the Korum Squirmz

In terms of tackle I’m using a new MTP Supernova, 7ft, 5g – 18g rod with a 2000 size Daiwa Ninja reel. This is loaded with braid of around 10lb b/s and a 6ft long fluorocarbon leader of 6lb b/s.

perch fishing lure rod
Slightly stiffer than my other 1g – 8g rod and perfect for fast rivers or larger areas of water.

Perch Fishing The Ned Rig

On the end of the leader I have a quick-change snap swivel that allows me to quickly change lures. It’s very quick for me to change the pre-loaded Squirmz when I want to try a different colour.

perch fishing the ned rig
A natural pale coloured Squirmz.

The principle behind the Ned Rig lies in the fact that you’re using a buoyant lure of a rounded Jig Head. The lure is fished very slow on the bottom of the river or lake bed. The shape of the Jig Head assists the buoyant lure to rise up into an upright position, as shown below.

ned rig fishing
The buoyant lure sits upright off the bottom.

It’s very important to fish the Ned Rig VERY slow. You are just gradually moving it along the bottom, sometimes stopping your retrieve entirely and letting the gentle flow of the river subtly move the lure on the spot. You really cannot go slow enough.

fishing for big perch
Fishing two speeds – slow or stop!

On this short session I switched to the Ned Rig after catching another fish a few days before. I knew they were there, I just needed a rig that would get me another bite. The Ned Rig is perfect in this situation, when you’re not searching for fish. You’ve already found them, you’re now just trying to catch them!

A nice big 3lb 4oz Perch taken right on dusk.

Now that’s a big Perch but what follows is something that was quite extraordinary. Last year I sacrificed numbers of Perch to fish a low stock venue that rewarded me with two Perch of over 4lb. This year I decided to do the same but knew it wouldn’t be easy. I had been fishing mainly with Creature Baits and Shads. I had a varied retrieve and was mainly using Rocket Crawz and Nimbles, which had proved successful in the past.

big perch hunt
On a mission to catch a 4lb+ Perch

Nothing was working and so I decided to focus on an area that had produced a few fish for me in the past. I decided to fish that confined space with the Ned Rig and the Korum Squirmz. One morning at dawn, I slowed everything down with the Ned and immediately had a bite but lost that fish. I was absolutely devastated! I had to work during the day but was back at dusk for revenge and after about 20minutes I was into a very big fish.

massive big perch on lures
The size of its head! An incredible Perch.

The retrieve was incredibly slow and this fish hit the lure right at my feet. Initially I thought I’d hooked a Pike but very quickly knew it was a big Perch. When it hit the surface I couldn’t believe the size of it. I could see it was lightly hooked too and was preying for it to stay on! Fortunately it did and when I looked down into my net I was sure I was looking at my new PB.

An absolute beast of a Perch at 4lb 6oz, a new PB by 2oz.

An incredible moment for me after a fair amount of effort. 4lb 6oz lure caught Perch. I’d had lots of blanks on other methods before the Ned Rig and the Korum Squirmz brought quite a sudden end to my pain! All at once the blank sessions were forgotten as the Perch of my dreams displayed itself magnificently for the camera. It was returned to the water and I went home grinning from ear to ear, having finally achieved what I set out to do a couple of months before.

Thanks for reading my article on Perch Fishing The Ned Rig.

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