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It’s March 2020 I’ve just discovered the awesome Crankbait that is the Salmo Rattlin Hornet, a first class lure for Chub fishing. We’ve just been through some terrible conditions this winter just gone. It wasn’t cold, in fact it was quite mild but there was rain and flooding like I can never remember! Frequently I was forced onto the lakes, when really I wanted to be on the rivers fishing for Perch. Of course, by early March we’re starting to run out of river season and so it felt like we were forced onto the river, regardless on the conditions because soon they would be closed. It’s around this time that I reflect on previous years and at the end of the season I’ve caught Chub on my Perch lures. I started to wonder if I could actually target the Chub with the Rattlin Hornet.

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Salmo Rattlin Hornet
Above: The Salmo Rattlin Hornet

As mentioned, in previous years I’ve caught Chub on my Perch lures, right at the end of the season. I’ve noticed that other Perch anglers too had started to pick up Chub towards the end of February and into early March. We’ve also got a huge amount of nasty coloured water everywhere and so I’m hoping that a bright lure with a rattle might help combat the coloured water and maybe even catch me a big Chub, which do seem to be keen on a lure at this time of year. I have a plan, I purchased my Crankbaits and I’m off to the river to do some lure fishing for Chub!

Chub Fishing with Lures
Above: A nice Chub caught on a small creature bait in early March the previous year.

So this is a floating Crankbait. It starts on the surface and the draw it down into the water. After moving up and down the initial stretch for about 45mins I’m into a Pike.

Lure Fishing in Coloured Water
Above: The rod hoops over as the lure is grabbed by a Pike.

The Pike absolutely nailed that Crankbait! Fantastic action on light gear.

Pike on Crankbaits
Above: Absolutely nailed!

The Salmo Hornet come with or without the rattle and in a range of size. I decided to use 4.5cm version which gave me a nice weight to cast with. I also have some in 3.5cm and in a range of colours. On the packaging it will tell you how deep these lures will dive. I think these went down to about 1.5m which was perfect for the stretches on river I was fishing.

Floating Crankbaits
Above: Salmo Rattlin Hornet 4.5cm in Green Tiger.

I move long the river and after about 30mins another Pike, but this time smaller. Still great sport but I’m wondering if a Chub would come along. Again, I am fishing the stretches where I know Chub are present.

Big Pike on Lures
Above: A nice bend in the rod as another Pike grabs the lure.

I decide to call it a day and head home. A few days later I’m back on a completely different part of the river, again it has form for decent Chub. Unbelievably, there’s been even more rain and the water just looks like chocolate. This doesn’t fill me with confidence but there are only a few days of the river season left. Can I end on a high – with a big Chub in the bottom of my net!?

Lures in flood water
Above: Impossible conditions – or were they? ๐Ÿ™‚

I move up and down the river and nothing is happening. I start to head back towards the car fishing as I go. I’m literally in the very last spot of the day. These were the very last casts of my river season, which looked to be ending with a bit of a flop. I cast my little Hornet lure up to my right, just off the side of some fast water – it’s grabbed! A real whollop too! Initial I think it’s a Pike, I’ve had so many so it’s kinda my default thinking but then it breaks the surface. Wow, incredible … it’s a Chub – and a big one too!

chub on a crankbait
Above: A big Chub nailed on the Rattling Hornet.

I put the fish on the scales and it’s just a few ounces short of 6lb, what a fish! I’m totally gobsmacked by this amazing fish and caught on what is probably my very last cast of the season.

lure fishing for chub
Above: A big Chub caught on the Rattlin Hornet right at the end of the river season.

Well, I love it when a plan comes together! I really loved lure Fishing for Chub and I plan to do more of this in the future. I have since stocked up with more Crankbaits and look forward to trying them out when the rivers are open again. Bring on 16th June 2020. I can’t wait!

Get the awesome Salmo Rattlin Hornet Crankbait below! An awesome little lure in Chartreuse Blue.

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