This is my fishing journal. I decided to create a record of my angling adventures for myself more than anything. If anyone else finds it useful or interesting then that’s a bonus.

My name is Nick Marsh. I am a husband, father and business owner that’s been fishing since I’ve been a child. It’s something I’ve always done and always will do as long as my health allows me to.

My angling is an addiction. I’ll fish for anything given half the chance. For me fishing goes well beyond catching fish. That’s a bonus! It’s about getting out there. Experiencing nature and the outdoors. Watching the landscape change through the seasons. The amazing sunsets and watching the sunrise as it reflects in the water across a misty water. It’s about sleeping under canvas and all the other sights, sounds and smells when experiencing a life on the bank.

It’s also the only thing I’ve ever experienced that goes from complete and utter peace to absolute mayhem in the blink of an eye! I love that!

And then there is the challenge. The targets. Pushing yourself through rain and shine to catch the fish of your dreams.

I’ve been lucky to have discovered this pastime that I enjoy so much. I hope to fish for many more years to come.