Piking on the River Ouse

It was late 2011 and for various reasons I was not visiting Poole quite so much. I missed by boat and decided to bring it closer to home and put it on the river. Whilst I had caught a lot of pike I’d never caught a big pike, nothing over about 8lb so I had a new target – a 20lb pike and I wanted it on my light spinning rod just to make it more of a white knuckle experience! You got to try Pike Fishing River Ouse.

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The Old River Lee

The Old River Lee is Izaak Walton’s old stomping ground. If you read The Compleat Angler you will know of his chapters that cover the fish he caught from this tiny little stretch of river. It’s a quiet loop on the back of the main river that is full of surprises. I joined Ware Angling Club in 2015 and enjoyed a great first season fishing Old River Lee (Lea).

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A boys trip to the River Test

The last few seasons I’ve been doing a lot of fly fishing. I love the light weight, roaming style of angling that fly fishing offers. I can also often get a result on short sessions which is ideal when work and family life is so busy. It’s early season and we’ve had a really special fishing trip planned for a while now, to a proper chalk stream – The River Test in Hampshire.

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