Perch Fishing Tackle

Perch Fishing Essentials

There’s a number of things that I wouldn’t be without when I go Perch Fishing. This is a bundle of products that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in lure fishing for Perch.

Korum Opportunist Rods

Opportunist Fishing

Time is limit and so we need to be ready to hit the bank at a moments notice, when the opportunity rises! These products are perfect for the opportunist angler that wants a minimum amount of quality gear in the boot of the car, ready to go!

Korum XCalibre Rods


A range of rods that I use right across my fishing. This includes the rods that I use for carp, barbel, tench and pike and all different styles of lure fishing!

Perch Fishing Tackle


A range of reels that I use right across my fishing. There’s some excellent lure fishing reels and some fantastic options when it comes to carp, barbel or pike.

Perch Fishing Tackle


A bunch of my favourite lures. In mild conditions I tend to fish with a bit more pace, with things like Shads or Crankbaits. When the weather get really cold (or I’ve found some fish and want to explore the area in more detail) than I’ll be using the Ned Rig. For this I’ll use lures such as the Squirmz or Reggiez.